Boulevard Bride

Client: Boulevard Bride

Reason for Project: This site was built by a developer that was not being ethical. The site was built using a proprietary system and integrated in with Bridal Live. She needed to move away from the current developer and have her site sitting somewhere else. In order to do that the site had to be rebuilt from scratch.

Resolution: New website built to match the current design and put into WordPress using Woocommerce and API connection to pull inventory from Bridal Live into the new site.

What I did: I created a custom template to match the current site exactly. A custom theme was created using ACF, Bootstrap, and Underscores Base Theme. The site included a new custom backend so the client could easily make changes as needed. I integrated an API connection to retrieve the inventory from Bridal Live and integrated the forms from Bridal Live for appointment setting to match their inhouse POS system.