Lexicon Legal Content

Client: Lexicon Legal Content

Reason for Project: This site was a rebuild of their current site for a refresh in design, custom theme, and the ability for clients to order their content online. The availability for their writers to go retrieve projects and upload the final documents into the system was put in. Once the documents were uploaded by the writers, the clients are able to go in and retrieve their final products from their accounts.

Resolution: New Website build with bright eyecatching design using logo colors. Integrating in Document Library, and Membership ability.

What I did: I created a custom template with a custom design to match the logo vector I was given. A custom theme was created using ACF, Bootstrap, and Underscores Base Theme. The site included a new custom backend so the client could easily make menu changes as needed. I integrated in MemberPress and Barn2 Document Library. With a ton of custom programing the two were integrated together to create and online ordering and retrieval system.