Witt Machine

Client: Witt Machine

Witt Machine is a Manufacturer of High Quality Suppressors & Firearm Accessories.

Reason for Project:  Client was experiencing slow loading times, their shipping and ordering were shutting off in the middle of the night and needed to be watched. Client was annoyed with this issue and needed a new site. Their new site was to be converted over to wordpress and woocommerce for better loading, security and uptime.

Resolution:  New Design, New Theme, WooCommerce Integration, and WooCommerce Troubleshooting, Shipstation, Wholesale Products.

What I did:  I created a new template with a new design to bring them a better online presence. I transferred all products, current and past customers, and orders over from their old system.

This allowed them to easily edit the content.  I also built in product templates for WooCommerce.  I ran speed tests at the end, and adjusted where needed.  In the end, the site was cleaner, stable, and was faster.  Client was happy.