ALTA Language Learning Site

Client: ALTA Language Services

ALTA is an employee-owned language services company specializing in enterprise-level translation services, language proficiency testing, and innovative language training programs. Our purpose is to help you communicate across barriers in language and culture. Whether your organization is expanding internationally, reaching out to a multilingual population here at home, or just starting to plan a language strategy, we go beyond words® to provide the best language solutions. Social media is used to promote this innovative training programs with, to improve the views of the content and get as many interested customers on learning or looking for a job.

Reason for Project:  Client was experiencing slow loading times, and was looking for the site to match their main site more.  The site included a connection to Moodle Education Platform, and WooCommerce.  They also had a small problem within their WooCommerce that was taking the potential students to too many screens before checkout.

Resolution:  New Design, New Theme, WooCommerce Integration, and WooCommerce Troubleshooting.

What I did:  I created a new template with a new design to match closer to their main site at  I was given a series of PDF mockups with new content and images for the new site.  A new theme was created using ACF, Bootstrap, and Underscores Base Theme.  The site included a new custom backend due to them using a WP-Bakery builder previously.

This allowed them to easily edit the content.  I also built in product templates for WooCommerce.  I ran speed tests at the end, and adjusted where needed.  In the end, the site was cleaner, matched the main site, and was faster.  Client was happy.

Client Review: 

“Jenn completed the project ahead of schedule, was very communicative, and helped create exactly what we had in mind for our website re-design.”

Hannah Lodge, 01 Sep 2020