Big Richards HotDogs

Client: Big Richards Hotdogs

Reason for Project:  Client was opening up a Gourmet Hotdog Restaurant.  He wanted something that matched his logo and enabled him to sell his merchandise through his merchandise and show his menu.  He did not want a big ecommerce store, but wanted to connect to an online store through his merchandiser.  He wanted his design to be eye catching.

Resolution:  New Website build with bright eyecatching design using logo colors.  Needed an online menu for people to browse.

What I did:  I created a custom template with a custom design to match the logo vector I was given.  I was given a PDF menu and images for the menu.  A custom theme was created using ACF, Bootstrap, and Underscores Base Theme.  The site included a new custom backend so the client could easily make menu changes as needed.   I ran speed tests at the end, and adjusted where needed.   Client was happy.